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Crawford Hydrology Laboratory provides professional consulting and field and laboratory services regarding groundwater tracing in karst and non-karst areas.

We specialize in groundwater investigations with the use of fluorescent dyes and utilize techniques we have developed and enhanced over the past 38 years. We provide quality supplies and analyses for groundwater traces and conduct full field investigations. Crawford Hydrology Laboratory has extensive experience conducting dye trace investigations for commercial clients as well as government agencies.

We look forward to working with you!

UNESCO Karst 2020

UNESCO Karst 2020 Call for Abstracts now available. Submission deadline is November 30, 2019.

Emergency Response Expedited Services

CHL can mobilize quickly to meet expedited client schedules in situations where fast action is required!


CHL Assistant Director represents WKU, CHL, and Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve at UNESCO EuroMAB 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.