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CHL offers training opportunities in karst hydrogeology, dye tracing, and groundwater investigations through the WKU Karst Field Studies Program and other partner organizations. We can also tailor educational and technical training programs to meet your needs, at our facility or yours. If you would like us to conduct a webinar, workshop, or field training for your company or organization, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Check out some of our past programs in the links below.

2017 Karst Field Studies: Applied Karst Hydrogeology

2015 NCKMS Dye Tracing Workshop

2015 Karst Groundwater Investigations Webinar

2014 Karst Hydrology Workshop

2013 Karst Field Studies

2013 Hydrogeology of Karst Conditions Webinar Part 1/Part 2

2012 Karst Field Studies