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Proposed Landfill

Karst Investigation to Determine Site Hydrogeology for Proposed Coal Ash Residue Landfill


Characterize site hydrogeology for coal ash residue landfill permit and identify pertinent water quality monitoring locations.

 Scope of Work

A karst hydrogeologic inventory was performed in the study area  to identify dye injection and monitoring locations. Background analysis was also performed for dye selection. Four dyes were injected directly into natural and man-made features. The tracers were identified at several monitoring locations over the three month monitoring period.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The karst investigation and dye tracer study revealed groundwater flow direction and delineated groundwater basins within the study area.  The research by Crawford Hydrology Laboratory identified pertinent  monitoring locations allowing for future targeted water quality monitoring and provided detailed hydrogeologic information necessary for the landfill permit.

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